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Instructor of Record

Georgia Institute of Technology

ECON 4510: Health Economics (Fall 2022, Spring 2023, Fall 2023)

This course surveys theoretical and empirical evidence on current health and healthcare issues in the United States. The course presents individual-level models of health behaviors and the demand for health and medical insurance. Students analyze the economic behaviors of physicians, hospitals, and insurance companies, as well as the possible role of government in encouraging the equitable and efficient performance of health markets. The course emphasizes current debates involving individual health decisions, healthcare reform, and the diffusion of new medical technologies.

ECON 4803. The Economics of Risky Health Behaviors (Fall 2023)

Risky health behaviors such as smoking, alcohol use, drug use, risky sex, poor diet, and physical inactivity are responsible for thousands of preventable illnesses and deaths. They also impose billions of dollars in medical care costs each year in the United States. This course explores the economic theories and empirical evidence related to risky health behaviors. Topics include the demand and supply of goods and services that induce these behaviors, the impacts of health risks on individuals, firms, and society, and the role of government regulation and interventions in modifying these behaviors.

Texas A&M University

ECON 414: Health Economics (Summer 2020)

Overall instructor rating: 4.5/5.0


This course analyzes the economics of health care in the United States, with particular attention to the role of third-party payers, including the government. It examines the demand for health care, and the structure and consequences of public and private health insurance, the supply of health care, including professional training and licensing. It also assesses the role of competition in health care markets, including competition among hospitals, insurance plans, physicians, and pharmaceutical manufacturers, among others. Finally, we assess the role of competition and regulation in medical innovation. 

Teaching Assistant

Texas A&M University

- Fall 2020, Spring 2021: ECON 470: Program Evaluation (Jason Lindo)

- Spring 2019: ECON 676: PhD-level Applied Microeconometrics (Jason Lindo)

Recitations score: 5.0/5.0

- Fall 2018: ECON 412: Public Finance (Timothy Gronberg)

- Spring 2018: ECMT 463: Introduction to Econometrics (Haeshin Hwang)

Recitations score: 4.5/5.0

- Spring 2017: ECON 412: Public Finance (Katherine Meckel)

- Fall 2016: ECMT 461: Introduction to Economic Data Analysis (Craig Schulman/Dennis Jansen)


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